“Like the objects and events in constant flux, or perhaps in opposition to them, what should have been a fixed yardstick inside the framework of my memory seemed instead to be in perpetual motion.” 
@harukimurakami.author Killing Commendatore 

Concept: Inge Prins
Director: Inge Prins
Videographer: @philipza 
Photographer: @inge_prins 
Stylist: @sanripienaar 
Photographic& video assistant: @byrongeduld @capecollectiveassist 
Set Builder: @markbussac 
Post Production: @jeremycollins_za 
Music: @janeelizabethcreative 
Studio: @glowstudioscpt 
Gear: @glowphotofilm 
Thank you: @agentemmarepresents 

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